Category: Spoken Poems

The Laundromat – The @PoeticLotion Show by Laurie Esposito Harley

Why is everyone so upset at the laundromat?

If Only – The @PoeticLotion Show by Laurie Esposito Harley

If only i could freeze time and live in this speckled sunshine.

My Apple Tree – The PoeticLotion Show @PoeticLotion

This spoken poem is about an apple tree that was in my yard as a kid. In fact, it’s still there. Shasta and i really did eat apples from it, too.

Mo Ske Toes (Mosquitoes) – A Poetic Cartoon by the PoeticLotion Show

Don’t you hate those mosquitoes? One bit me on the right big toe! Ow!

The Storm – Children’s Spoken Poetic Cartoon by The #PoeticLotionShow @PoeticLotion

Do thunderstorms scare you, too?

My Grassy Yard – A Children’s Poetic Cartoon by The #PoeticLotionShow

My grass is really tall. Perhaps i should mow it?


Smiley Faces: A poem to make a point

Smiley faces are okay in *some* business situations. You just have to know which ones.