Artwork for a New Poem Called My Grassy Yard

I am loving this new artwork. Wait until you see the cartoon! You’re gonna love it, too!

i – A Spoken-Word Children’s Poetic Cartoon

She seems to only think of herself, doesn’t she?

Boiled Peanuts at Midnight Children’s Spoken Poem #Poetry

What’s your favorite midnight snack? What’s that? Boiled peanuts? Me, too!!



Smiley Faces: A poem to make a point

Smiley faces are okay in *some* business situations. You just have to know which ones.

Introducing Buddy!

Introducing Buddy the dog, the main character in the next poetic cartoon that i’m working on! Say hello to Buddy!

buddy the dog

The Land of the Alligators – Spoken Poetic Cartoon

The Penguin and the Seal – YouTube

Artwork by Kids: Kylee Ann

A very important person in my life drew this picture for me. She asked that i write a poem about it and include it on my site. I’m still thinking about what i could say that would complement such a great drawing. However, i wanted her to see it here now!


Thank you, Kylee! I love you!

Love by Kylee

Anger: A Poem for The PoeticLotion Show! – YouTube